Our Team

Tuckers team is a group of fisherman with a massive passion for the sport. We strive in giving the very best in information to a beginner or the experienced from catching our national fish to targeting pelagic's all over the world. We all have our own style of fishing however we live for learning new techniques local and abroad. No matter what your age is we will guide you in the right direction on your targeted species. Pop in for a cup of coffee and lets talk fishing. Tight Lines

Chris Pike (Spanky)

Chris has been fishing crazy since the age of 3.

Any spare moment is spent ideally with a fishing rod in his hand.

He has dabbled in many forms of fishing from fresh water to deep sea, recreational and commercial.

If there is a piece of water that may have fish living in it, Chris is sure to have a cast.

He has fished competitively for many years, in both club leagues and national fishing competitions.

He has participated in the Tuna National for a number of years.

 Representing Western Province Deep Sea Angling Association (WPDSAA) &

 South African Deep Sea Angling Association (SADSAA).

Matthew Bosch (Mattfish)

Matthew's speciality is rock and surf fishing.

He has participated in rock and surf fishing league competitions from a young age,

 represented Western Province and

fished for the South African Presidents B rock and surf team.

Matthew is also an avid fresh water fisherman, always keen to get involved and try something new.

In general, Matthew lives for fishing, if there is an opportunity to be outdoors and catch a fish,

he is sure to be there.

Ronald Haytread (just Ronald)

Ronald was brought up in a fishing home with his father taking him to the beach before he could walk.

He started rock and surf fishing from a young age,

until he found his dad's bass tackle box and ever since, artificial has been his style of fishing.

He fished for bass for many, many years, then slowly started targeting saltwater species.

Ronald almost exclusively uses artificial lures to catch his targeted species when fishing.

He is still to this day on a journey to work out the artificial game of targeting predator fish.

Jose (George)

Jose has been with the Tuckers team for a long while now.

Jose is the background backbone of the team.

He bends 1000's of hooks, makes sure the shop is clean and tidy,

makes sure the shelves are stocked and knows all the mustad hook codes.

He helps us all, keeps us hydrated and makes us laugh. 


Donovon Ellis (The Rod Guy)

Donovon Ellis has an amazing passion for catching land based fish especially yellowtail.

He has been all over the South African coast catching fish and targeting BIG yellowtail from the side.

He has also got a big love for chasing down large steenies and cracker.

When Donovon is not fishing he builds the most incredible rods.

He has such a great eye and passion for building custom rods.

His work is just WOW!

Give that man a blank.

Kirsten Pike

Kirsten is the behind the scenes ninja that holds the team together.

Kirsten always has an ear to the ground at Tuckers to jump in whenever help is needed or a question needs answering.

I can't tell you know how many times Kirsten has saved our bacon with behind the scene challenges.

Kirsten also gets her hands dirty on the fishing front and pulls in fish to save us from a mombak day.